Welcome to my cozy spot in the Swiss mountains.

This is Kern's home page.
I spend all my time on the Bacula project (see below), so no longer have much time to maintain these pages. Just the same, we hope you enjoy what there is.

Main News

If you are having power problems, you should consider an Unterruptable Power Supply for your computer. If you want to ensure that your computer is properly shutdown in the event of a power failure, perhaps apcupsd could help you. See the Apcupsd Home Page.

If you need a backup solution for your computer or computer network, you should consider Bacula®   See the Bacula section of this site.

Bacula Version 9.0.x Released 2018

Bacula is a network backup solution.

Please see the Bacula Source Forge Project Page for downloading, or the Bacula Home Page for more information.

Documentation for Downloads

I've added a download directory where you can find some of the programs that I have either written or find useful in maintaining my site.

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