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Apcupsd: a UPS control program for Linux, Unix, and Windows machines.


Apache Web Server manual online.


A few facts about Austria.


Reflections on Autodesk.

Download directory

Directory containing downloadable files (firewall rules for RH5.2, System Admin's Cheatsheet, Unix log analyser, system clock sanity checker).

Linux Server

A bit about my server.

Linux Needs

What you need (to know) in order to install a Linux server.

Basic Administration

Some very simple tips for checking how your system is running.

Linux Resources

Linux resources, on this site and other sites.

Ah ... Switzerland

A few facts about Switzerland, where we live ...

Access statistics

Mostly interesting for me to understand what you like, but it is a cool package and easy to implement.


Reflections on Microsoft and Windows.


Contact: kern at sibbald dot com
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